The Phoenix Awakens (USS Victoria)

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Victoria mission
“The Phoenix Awakens”

Mission no. 12.01
Writer(s) A.J. Foster
Director(s) A.J. Foster
SM(s) -
Mission stardate 11301.01
Mission chronology
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"Shadows Fall (USS Victoria)"

List of episodes

USS Victoria Mission Arc from 11301.01 to 11303.03.


Mission Orders

To: Captain Kaim Kurogami - Commanding Officer - USS Victoria

From: Admiral William Crenshaw

Stardate: 11301.01

Subject: Mission Orders - 11301.01

Captain Kurogami,

Congratulations on the promotion to the center seat. It is a big step but I am confident that you were the right choice to lead the Victoria. Now on to your mission. This is a relatively simple one. The Federation is getting back to business as usual with its exploration and this is the overall theme of your mission. I am ordering the Victoria to the Xavier Omicron Sector. This a relatively unexplored area of Federation space and needs to be surveyed.

You are to proceed to the Pyxie System and make contact with Outpost Faerie. From there, you are to begin your survey. Good luck with your first outing.


Admiral William Crenshaw

Mission Summary

The Victoria is currently docked with Atlantis Station after her brief mission with Commander Amy Hunt for resupply and repair. The operation is prceeding smoothly as Captain Kaim Kurogami walks onto the bridge of the Victoria for the first time. He take a moment to reflect on his rise to the Captainacy before an engineering team arrives to finish up repairs on the Bridge.

Whith the change of command ceremony to be happening shortly, Captain Kurogami leaves the bridge to Ensign Phillip Cleary and retreats to his ready room to prepare for Admiral Yan's arrival.

Ensign Cleary handled the arrival of new personnel and some problems that arise with equipment settings and a faulty fuel relay flow valve to a port side thruster quad. During this time, Admiral Yan made his appearance and was shortly thereafter redirected to the Ready Room.

Meanwhile, in the Ready room, Captain Kurogami received Admiral Yan and talked about the Victoria and her new mission along with the state of the crew before heading onto the bridge for the change of command ceremony. The ceremony itself does not last too long and Admiral Yan departs, leaving the Victoria and her crew to finishing preparing for her mission.

Captain Kurogami finishes the checking in of Lt. Commander Marie Williams as the the station signals that the supplies are loaded and all personnel are accounted for. Williams takes her station and begins departure preparations.

Minutes later, permission for departure comes in from Atlantis Space Control and the Victoria heads out from Atlantis, on her way to the Xavier Omicron Sector. As she reaches the outer boundary marker, Captain Kurogami orders the ship to warp and a bright flash bursts into the vision of the bridge crew and everyone blacks out...

Mission Notes

Memorable Quotes

Kaim walked onto the bridge of the Victoria, still somewhat fidgeting with his new pips. He had just gotten used to having three and now there was four on his neck. He took in the sight of the bridge and the people that was working. The Intrepid was a beautiful ship and Kaim had always wanted to fly one. The bridge was relatively empty for the moment and Kaim was thankful for that. He turned to his left and slowly walked past the MSD on the aft wall, glancing at it as he approached the Operations console.

He nodded to the officer there the continued down the steps, passing by the Science console that was unmanned. His attention shifted to the helm console as he passed in front of it. He really wanted to fly her but the duties of being in command of a vessel did not allow him the luxury of time so he could. He ran his hand across the top of the console before moving on.

He then walked near the Engineering console, a woman working away at it. He softly smiled at that sight. The crew working away as he watched. He moved up to the command center, going up the single step. He slowly moved to the Captain’s chair. ‘This is my chair now...’ He thought. Kaim had never met Captain Raiser personally but he did know of her reputation. As he sat down, he thought of the shoes he had to fill. He had his work cut out for him but he was going to try.

He sat there, slightly relaxed and listening to the ship’s sounds. It was new to him but he would get used to it. “And now the work truly begins...” He said out loud to no one in particular.

At that moment, the turbolift door opened and an engineering team entered the bridge to repair something that was broken.

-The first post by A.J. Foster as the Victoria's new captain

"=/\="This is Atlantis Space Control. You are cleared for departure at your discretion. All moorings and connections have been severed. Have a safe trip. Atlantis out."=/\=

Kaim then turned his attention back to the helm. "Commander Williams, take us out on thrusters until we clear the station, then one quarter impulse power until we reach the outer boundary marker." He moved to his chair and sat down. "When we reach the marker, plot a course for the Xavier Omicron Sector at Warp 7." He paused for a moment, taking in the fact that he was about to leave Atlantis in his first command. "Engage..." That single word was all he could muster from the depths of himself as he was drowning in pride."

-The departure of the Victoria on her new mission

NPC Characters Involved

Department Rank Character Name Notes
Flight Control Ensign Katerina Stark
Tactical/Security Ensign Tasya Kadnikov

ACTD Noteworthy

  • First Mission with A.J. Foster as the Victoria's SM
  • This is the Victoria's prelude to the ACTD wide "Their Final Hour"
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