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Starfleet Intelligence Reports for - "Their Final Hour"

Stardate: 11303.03

Location: Risa
To: All Starfleet Vessels
Subject: Priority One Starfleet Intelligence Report
At 14:23 hours a terrorist attack interrupted the Risan Spring Celebration. This attack was centered on the Risan Capital city Nuvia. Initial Starfleet Intelligence investigation show a total of four disguised Vroa arrived on the planet on board the USS Seleya. Once on Risa they planted high explosive charges inside a 4 km radius from the Capital Building main square. All four Vroa were killed by Starfleet personnel shortly after the attack had started.

Damage was confined to the Risan Capital Building - Destroyed, the Albatross Luxury Resort - Destroyed, Nuvia Welcoming Banquet Center – Destroyed, and Nuvia Capital Park – Heavily Damaged. Starfleet has requested all vessels traveling to Risa be diverted until investigations and cleanup are completed.

Starfleet Command has dispatched eight vessels which are now in obit and supplying aid and security for the Risian peoples. Starfleet Medial personnel report 7,212 people were wounded in the attack and the death toll is now confirmed at 1,303.

All Starfleet Vessels should be on alert for Vroa activity.
All Vessels should submit Vessel Intel Reports by SD 10303.10 to Starfleet Command
Next Starfleet Intelligence Report scheduled for Stardate: 11303.10

Stardate: 11303.10

Vessel: USS Claymore

Location: Ferenginar

The USS Claymore is waiting in orbit to transport Grand Nagus to Bajor for a high level trade conference. Four Ferengi Marauders will be escorting the Claymore to Bajor.
The Claymore’s Command staff is reviewing the situation since their prophecy says some of their crew will kill the Grand Nagus.

Vessel: USS Kraken

Location: Vagra System

The USS Kraken was sent to investigate possible Vroa activity in the Vagra system - home of the infamous Armus, a malevolent entity and the reason Vagra II has been quarantined.
A Vroa vessel is encountered and destroyed, however during the skirmish Armus has been beamed onto the Kraken and is trying to take control.

Vessel: USS Cherokee

Location: Betazed System

The USS Cherokee has been patrolling the Betazed star system. The USS Achilles, who went missing a week ago after it’s shakedown cruise, showed up dropping out of warp just outside the Betazed star system. It is reported to be on a collision course at full impulse toward the planet. The captain of the Achilles has made contact with the Cherokee stating that his crew as lost all control of the Achilles. All ship systems are locked out and life pods are inoperable. The Cherokee has taken out there shield generator and attempting to damage the engines enough to stop it. At this point they have 2 hours till the Achilles collides with Betazed.

Vessel: USS Cataria USS Andromeda

Location: En route to SB 514 from Cameron Station

The USS Cataria with a skeleton crew departed Cameron Station after the USS Claymore dropped off the USS Andromeda’s crew from Risa.
Shortly after departure large quantities of chroniton particles were detected. The USS Cataria has gone to communications silence since.

No other Intel Reports were received.

Stardate: 11303.17

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