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The Third Fleet is one of the stellar divisions of Starfleet. The Third Fleet was formerly under the command of Admiral Krel Carsaadi until the reassignment of Admiral Rene Harlan.

For more information, check the list of Third Fleet vessels.


Star Trek History

During the Dominion War, the Third Fleet was assigned to remain in the Sol Sector to protect Earth while elements of the Second, Fifth and Ninth Fleets participated in the retaking of Deep Space 9 in 2374.

Ships of the Fleet

Arcadia Station

USS Andromeda

USS Claymore

USS Elara

USS Quirinus

USS Sharikahr

USS Huron (former member)

USS Pendragon (former member)

USS Seleya(former member)

As the fleet's flagship, the USS Seleya proudly carries the banner of the Federation and Starfleet, often on high-profile missions of peace, exploration, and diplomatic contact.

USS Tal-War (former member)

Abertura Station (former member)

USS Charlottetown (former member)

The USS Charlottetown was commissioned to replace the recently destroyed USS Geneva (former member).

USS Comanche (former member)


USS Geneva (former member)


USS Hayden (former member)


USS Nighthawk (former member)

USS Scimitar (former member)

USS Seleya (Galaxy)


USS Triton (former member)

Forward Presence

Primary Roles

ACTD History

Fleet Managers

ST:ACTD's Third Fleet is one of the Chat Division fleets, currently under the management of somebody.

Michael Jones - SD xxxxx.xx - SD xxxxx.xx
Chris W. - SD xxxxx.xx - SD 10307.23
Gilles Leger - SD 10307.23 - SD 10603.21
Sergio A. - SD 10603.21 - SD 10606.25
Christopher Dickinson - SD 10606.25 - 10801.04
Karriaunna Scotti - SD 10801.04 - Present
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