Treasures of the Unseen Eye (USS Victoria)

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Victoria mission
“Treasures of the Unseen Eye”

Mission no. 10.03
Writer(s) Cathy Knights
Director(s) Cathy Knights
SM(s) -
Mission stardate 11107.30
Mission chronology
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"Ad Augusta Per Angusta (USS Victoria)" "State of Flux (USS Victoria)"

List of episodes

USS Victoria Mission Arc from 11107.30 to 11203.31.


Mission Orders

It has been a few days since the concluding of the disciplinary hearings. Lieutenant Summer O'Mally has elected to remain on Earth and continue to help Starfleet in their investigations into the Erwell conspiracy. Lieutenant Koreleon's resignation from the CTO position has been, begrudgingly, accepted.

Starfleet Command has issued the Victoria with a new mission more 'suitable' to their expectations of the crew and Captain Raiser has called a senior officer meeting at 0900 hours for all senior staff to debrief the events of the past week as well as present the new mission orders to the crew.

Mission Summary

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Mission Notes

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ACTD Noteworthy

This mission was Cathy Knight's last mission as the Victoria's SM.

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