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A joined species comprised of a humanoid host and a small vermiform symbiont that lives in an internal abdominal pocket of the host body. Most of the personality and memories of the Trill reside in the symbionts, which are extremely long-lived, although the host also contributes personality traits to the joined life-form. Upon the death of a host body, a Trill symbiont is usually transplanted into another host (The Host -TNG). For a joined Trill, nothing was more important than protecting the life of the symbiont (Rejoined -DS9)

Trill hosts enter voluntarily into their association with the symbiont, and in fact there is intense competition among potential hosts to determine who will be accorded this high honor. Only one Trill candidate in ten is chosen to be joined with a symbiont. The decision of who is to be allowed to be joined is the responsibility of the Symbiosis Evaluation Board. Improper joining is believed to cause damage to both host and symbiont (Invasive Procedures -DS9). Children are directed by their parents towards becoming a host. While the influence of the symbiont is very strong, good host candidates can balance the influence of the symbiont with their own interests, and hence produce the best possible merge of the two personalities (Playing God -DS9)

Hosts are accepted into their mid-twenties. Once joined, the host and symbiont become biologically interdependent, and after 93 hours, neither can survive without the other. The resulting new joined life-form is considered to be another person, although it retains memories of previous joinings (The Host -TNG, Emissary -DS9, Dax -DS9). Despite the fact that a symbiont retains memories in subsequent joinings, Trill society very strongly disapproves of reassociation of subsequent hosts, in cases where previous hosts have been married (Rejoined -DS9). Trills' hands are naturally cold. Sometimes friendships with other species don't survive when the Trill moves to the next host. Trills are highly allergic to insect bites, as the toxins released interfere with the biochemical connections between the host and symbiont (The Siege -DS9). Trill hosts sometimes have sexual feelings, but they do their best to rise above them, at least according to Jadzia Dax (A Man Alone -DS9). They do not have to uphold commitments of the previous hosts (Blood Oath -DS9) Star Trek: The Encyclopedia (1999 edition)

Joined species. Trills are more sensitive to extreme heat than many humanoids (Change of Heart -DS9) Star Trek: The Encyclopedia (1999 edition) -Supplemental

ACTD Noteworthy

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