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USS Andromeda Logo
Registry: NCC-50007
Class: Ambassador Class
Launched: 8207.18
Status: Active
Location: Federation Space
Affiliation: Starfleet


Cast & Crew

Senior Staff

Post Rank Character Name Player Name
CO Captain Conor Power Conor P.
XO --- Open ---
FCO Lieutenant Jardon Lori Evan T.
OPS --- Open ---
CTO Lieutenant Junior Grade Felicia N'Leth Thorson Trevor H.
TO --- Open ---
CSO Lieutenant Xerus Vorln Ivara Jack F.
SO --- Open ---
CEO Lieutenant Tavish Duncan McQuade Andrew D.
EO --- Open ---
CMO --- Open ---
MO --- Open ---
CNS --- Open ---
CIV Ensign Janpol Flek Michael R.
SM - Lea

NPC Crew

The USS Andromeda has created and uses a rich array of non-player characters to enhance gameplay. Since not everything happens on the bridge and not everyone on the ship is a bridge officer, its important to have people in some of the lesser-known but equally important positions essential to operating the ship.

Continue on for more information on this developing list of USS Andromeda NPCs.


Chief Engineer's Office

Engineeing research currently under evaluation aboard the USS Andromeda. USS Andromeda Engineering Department.

Ship History

Built with two hands, then four, then eight.

Mission Profile

The USS Andromeda is currently operating out of Deep Space 17[CLASSIFIED] , primarily operating in Sector 90, Sector 91, Sector 95, and Sector 96, of Sector Block 98.

Mission Arcs

List of USS Andromeda Missions

Mission Reports

List of USS Andromeda Mission Reports

Those Who Served

Former Ship Managers

  • Lea (11011.13 - Current)
  • John McDermott (10103.18 - 11010.30)
  • Shann (10005.28 - 10103.11)
  • Temporary AGMs/SMs including AGM Mitch, Robert Olesnevich, Karriaunna Scotti (10001.16 - 10005.21)
  • Chris Williams (9907.25 - 10001.09)

Former Commanding Officers

Character Name Species From To Played By
Ethan Knight Betazoid 10801.09 Current Jim Koeller
Conor Power (acting) Betazoid/Terran 10708.19 10801.09 Conor Power
Sketek Zhnirev Vulcan 10206.04 10708.19 Janne Nikula
Kalla Vulcan 10101.14 10206.04 Annelise Brincker
Charles Vaughn Turner II Terran 10002.21 10101.07 V.T.
Robert Siwiak - 9907.25 (Launch) 10002.21 Robert S.

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Local Intel Reports
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