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USS Broadsword Logo
Registry: NCC-80864
Class: Akira Class
Launched: 10111.03
Status: Active
Location: Federation Space
Home Base: Atlantis Station
Affiliation: Starfleet


USS Broadsword - NCC-80864

The USS Broadsword (NCC-80864) is a Akira Class heavy cruiser, currently serving in the Seventh Fleet as an ship designed for exploration and defence of the Federation and it's borders. She fought valiantly during the Klingon Federation War and the Dominion War before being transferred to the Seventh Fleet for patrol duties. In 2387, she underwent a refit to her fighter deck, removing the fighter bays and extending the cargo bay and making room for additional medical and science labs. She is currently based out of Atlantis Station as her home operating base and port for the Seventh Fleet, under the command of Admiral Mike Yan.

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Originally a warship home to hundreds of fleet personnel and soldiers, life has changed for the Broadsword; this ship is now home to some of the best scientists and medical experts the Federation has to offer rather than its original crew of the best warriors. Along with this change is the inclusion of families into ship life, something unheard of in her history. The Broadsword isn't just a cruiser - its a home to a generation of spacers who venture the stars.

Senior Officers of the USS Broadsword

Post Rank Character Name Player Name
CO Commander Angela Kren Derek W.
XO --- Open ---
FCO Ensign Stron Chris Van D.
OPS --- Open ---
CTO Ensign Malqanoc Dlink Joseph M.
TO --- Open ---
CSO Lieutenant Commander Samantha M. Waters Lone W.
SO --- Open ---
CEO Ensign Alyce Ashford A.J. F.
EO --- Open ---
CMO Lieutenant Commander Matthew Cleary Matthew C.
MO Ensign Jadinya Tan Matthew M.
CNS --- Open ---
CIV --- Open ---
SM - Derek Walter

Broadsword's Shuttle Craft

Ship History

The USS Broadsword was constructed in 2370 at the New Aberdeen Fleet Yards in the Alberdean System, after her shake down cruise she was launched under the command of Captain Charles Forrest and was assigned to the Third Fleet under the command of Vice Admiral Shakar. The Broadsword's first mission assignment was to patrol along the Cardassian Federation border, and during her six months stint of patroling she was one of the first vessels to encounter the Marqui which were living in the demilitarized zone. Under the orders of Admiral Shakar the Broadsword was ordered into the demilitarized zone to remove a colony of Federation citizens of 1,000 pre the agreement of the peace treaty signed by the Federation and the Cardassians. While in oribt of the planet the Broadsword was attacked by two refited Anteres Class vessels claming to be apart of a faction called the Maquis; Captain Forrest refusing to return fire on Federation citizens withdrew the Broadsword across the boarder.

Two months after the incident at the New Haven colony, Captain Forrest was ordered back into the demilitarized zone in order to relocate the New Dublin colony that was not apart of the Marquis faction. While the transition was going well, about 200 colonists did not want to leave; during that time a Cardassian Galor entered the system and beamed down two squads of troops to force the evacuation of the remaning 200 hundred colonist. Captain Forrest beamed down with an extra security team in order to peacefully talk with the remaining colonists in relocating to a smaller planet close to the demilitarized zone. While the talks were nearing a close, Cardassian troops opened fire on the colonists, 12 Cardassian soliders were killed along with 6 Starfleet security personal and 19 colonists. Captain Forrester quickly locked on to the remaining colonists and personal and beamed them up against their will, however the remaining colonists agreeded to relocate in Federation space; the incident became known as the New Dublin Massacre.

Captain Forrest filled with grief resigned his comission with Starfleet Command, and his first officer Commander Rachel Lenoxx was awarded command of the Broadsword. After the New Dublin incident the Broadsword was relocated to the outer edges of the Beta quadrant for exploration and scientific missions; On stardate 49546.6(July 19, 2372) the Broadsword returned from a six month survey mission and while returning to her home base, she was attacked by two Klingon Bird's of Prey which was apart of the opening offensive by the Klingon Empire; which would start the Federation Klingon War.

The Broadsword participated in the defensive action that eventually slowed down the Klingon offensive into Federation space, and in three counter attack actions to stop the Klingon offensive for good which eventually happened. After the Klingon's reestablished the Khitomer Accords the War between the Federation and the Klingon Empire ended, and the Broadsword returned to patroling the Cardassian border.

The Broadsword while stationed on the Cardassian Border was pulled away for a supposed scientific mission, and after the Dominion attacked Deep Space Nine in 2373 the Broadsword was apart of the task force that destroyed the Torros III shipyards deep inside Cardassian Territory. During the three year war, the Broadsword served with the fifth fleet which participated in the multiple battles along the Vulcan Boarder, in which she gained much honor and respect. After the Federation pushed back the Dominion near Vulcan, the Broadsword was apart of attacking the ChinToka system and apart of the that offensive that took the Kelandra sector. The Broadsword was then transferred to the ninth fleet where she served during the rest of the war in fighting trying to retake Betazoid and to protect the Bolarus System.

After the Dominion War ended the Broadsword was placed on clean up duty of all the resistance cells that refused to believe that the Dominion surrendered to the Federation. After a year of clean up the Broadsword was transferred to the Seventh Fleet in 2376 and Captain Lenoxx was promoted to Rear Admiral of the Seventh Fleet and so the ship transferred under the command of Captain Sheldon Johnson.

To be continued.....

Mission Archives

Here are some of the previous missions that the Broadsword was on: USS Broadsword Historical Database

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Those Who Served...

In Memory

On November 27, 2013, Andrea Dar passed away. She played Lt. JG Auren Senji-Dar, CNS of the Broadsword and the Dakota. She wan't with us long but when she did post, it was always enjoyable. Here is the email that Billy Harris, the Broadsword's SM, sent out to the players.

This e-mail is not dealing with us from a character stand point but from a player's standpoint, and I am sad to report that one of our players passed away during the Thanksgiving Holiday. Andrea Dar who played our ship's Counselor for more than a year and a half passed away on November 27, 2013 from a massive stroke. Andrea had been sick for a long time, however I feel that now she doesn't have to experience any more sickness, suffering, or heartache from her long battle with illness.

I will make a copy of this message and post it on the Broadsword's site as a memorial, our Division Leader Mike Yan is also tagged in this e-mail as I feel he should be notified about this. Andrea has requested that A.J. NPC her character until we finish the Broadsword's previous mission before the Fleetwide. I ask that you all pray for her family, and that they find peace in the midst of a violent and turbulent storm; also Mike if you could I want the entire ACTD site notified about her passing...

Between Lone and myself we will be thinking about away to memorialize her as apart of the Broadsword's crew, again thank you and everyone be blessed.

Billy Harris - SM - USS Broadsword

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