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USS Carina Logo
Registry: NCC-78742
Class: Nova Class
Launched: 11008.20
Status: Active
Location: Seventh Fleet
Home Base: Atlantis Station
Affiliation: Starfleet



The goal of the Federation has always been to seek out new life and new civilizations, and the Carina’s mission is to do just that. She is purpose built to conduct deep space survey missions far beyond Federation boundaries with little need for resupply. Though small, she contains all the necessary facilities to conduct her charting of the galaxy, and exploration of any strange worlds or phenomena that she may happen upon along the way.

Secondary duties include diplomatic and limited defensive operations when needed. Carina is a small ship, but that doesn’t mean she can’t participate in the same kinds of cultural and diplomatic missions of her larger counterparts. Also, while lightly armed in comparison to a cruiser, she boasts advanced shield technology which makes up for her lack of warp speed and firepower.

Cast & Crew

Senior Staff

Post Rank Character Name Player Name
CO Captain Sturnok Val Matthew C.
XO Commander T'Keth Lithrian Daan S.
FCO Lieutenant Commander Dustyn Stevenson A.J. F.
OPS Ensign Vance Enfield Alan D.
CTO Lieutenant Thedan Yosir Ryan C.
TO --- Open ---
CSO Lieutenant Aurecina Leere James M.
SO --- Open ---
CEO Lieutenant Junior Grade Tor Maschertz Joseph M.
EO --- Open ---
CMO --- Open ---
MO --- Open ---
CNS Lieutenant Junior Grade Mark Belyck David N.
CIV --- Open ---
SM - Matthew Cleary

Notable NPC Characters

For the crew roster the USS Carina, see List of USS Carina NPCs

Ship History

USS Carina's dedication plaque

The USS Carina was launched on 11008.20 from San Francisco Fleet Yards on Earth. Following this launch date, she underwent her first space trials with a crew of Starfleet engineers. Carina’s warp drive did not meet expectations, and she was placed into dry dock in order to solve the problem. Two months later, she was re-launched and conducted trials once again. This time she passed, and was assigned to Commander Rebecca Verdery to conduct deep space trials. After several months in space, Commander Verdery suffered a massive stroke and died forcing the ship to return to space dock, however she had managed to pass all her space trial requirements. Carina remained in space dock with barely a skelton crew until 11105.30 when Captain Walter took command and filled the ship’s roster mainly with hands from the USS Afton. Due to the fate of the Carina’s interim Commander, the fact that the full ship’s company have never worked together, and that the ship had such a rough start to her career, many of the hands who served under Commander Verdery are convinced that the ship is cursed, and that continuing their service aboard her is the next closest thing to suicide.

Despite the challenges ahead, Captain Walter and his senior officers have accepted the challenge of not only working through the problems that may still exist in the Carina, but also in training the crew to a proficient level, and making a name for themselves in the fleet. Coming from a ship the size of the Afton has caused its own problems among the officers, and even among Captain Walter himself, who is struggling with the fact that his former ship’s reputation no longer applies, and that he will now have to forge ahead and make sure that the Carina is both recognized, and lauded by the other captains in the fleet.


The USS Carina is named after the Carina Nebula, a large bright class of nebula visible in Earth's southern hemisphere, and actually dwarfing the more well-known Orion Nebula.

Ship's Motto

"I could not tread these perilous paths in safety if I did not keep a saving sense of humor." – Vice Admiral Horatio Lord Nelson

Ship's Poem

"Pioneers O Pioneers" - Walt Whitman

Ship's Traditions

The Wardroom: The Carina's lounge is called The Wardroom after the officer's messes on ships since the age of sail. While she was originally equipped with a second lounge for the ship's enlisted personnel, the two were eventually amalgamated into one common area where the crew could share a meal or a drink regardless of rank, in the fashion of the lounges in larger ships. This was done to help break down the unhealthy split between officers and crew that had been formed by the ship's original CO.

Shuttle Names: The Carina's compliment of shuttle craft are named after historical references to the Royal Navy during the Napoleonic Wars. Not only are these names historically significant as well as plentiful, but they serve to remind the crew of a time when open warfare was the norm, and not an exception.

Crossing the Line: A modification to an old Earth naval tradition in which new personnel were indoctrinated during their first equatorial crossing, Carina maintains a similar tradition in crossing between galactic quadrants. Whenever the ship is to cross between the Alpha and Beta quadrant, a ceremony is held in The Wardroom where new crew members are initiated into a fraternity of professional Starfleet crew members. The rite of initiation usually involves taking a drink with the XO, and reciting a short creed. More complex ceremonies are kept on record for the hypothetical crossing of the Gamma or Delta quadrant lines.

Mission Archives

Season One (2011)

Mission Title Stardate Mission Number
Pioneers 11106.01 - 11202.29 01.01

Season Two (2012)

Mission Title Stardate Mission Number
Academia 11202.29- 11304.22 02.01

Season Three (2013)

Mission Title Stardate Mission Number
Their Final Hour 11304.07 - 11309.06 03.01

Season Four (2014)

Mission Title Stardate Mission Number
Aftermath 11401.31 - 11404.01 04.01
Shoreleave 11404.02 - 11404.14 04.01.5
Sins of the Father 11404.13 - Present 04.02

Auxilary Spacecraft

The Carina's auxiliary craft pool consists of:

Those Who Served

Notable Past Characters

A list of former Carina officers can be seen here.

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