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USS Cherokee Logo
Registry: NCC-61333
Class: New Orleans Class
Launched: 10003.18
Status: Active
Location: Betazed Sector
Home Base: Starbase 33
Affiliation: Starfleet


Cast & Crew

Senior Staff

Post Rank Character Name Player Name
CO Captain Tio Ayidee Steven W.
XO --- Open ---
FCO Ensign Jim Oldman James Y.
OPS Commander Kyleigh Logan Nash Dawn F.
CTO Lieutenant Junior Grade Q'ten tuq Qaveq Topper L.
TO --- Open ---
CSO --- Open ---
SO --- Open ---
CEO --- Open ---
EO --- Open ---
CMO Commander Randi Cristine McIntyre Trish Y.
MO --- Open ---
CNS Ensign Walter "Wally" Daniels Zachariah F.
CIV Captain Satok Zul Marek Pablo D.
SM - Steven Weller

Ship History

The New Orleans Class USS Cherokee, NCC 61333, is currently assigned to the First Fleet and has been based out of Starbase 33 in the Betazed Sector since her complete refit after the Dominion War. She was launched then under the Command of Captain Miller, and the official Change of Command took place on Stardate 10002.13, with the ship actually launching on Stardate 10003.18.

As of Stardate 10709.09, her current Captain is Captain Tio Ayidee, who took command on 10308.16. Her First Officer is currently Trent D Worthington III, who has been assigned to the ship for his entire career since graduation from Starfleet Academy on 10003.16.

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Mission Archives

See: List of Ship missions

Those Who Served

Former Ship Managers

  • None

Former Commanding Officers

  • Jim Miller 10002.13 - ?
  • T'Kerl
  • Irandor Arconus
  • Rojer Lyon.
  • Tio Ayidee 10308.16 - Present

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