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USS Claymore Logo
Registry: NCC-80820
Class: Akira Class
Launched: 10005.09
Status: Active
Location: Sector 97
Home Base: Deep Space 3
Affiliation: Starfleet

The USS Claymore (NCC-80820) is an Akira Class starship launched on stardate 10005.09 after a post-refit shakedown cruise. It currently serves in the Second Fleet of the Federation Starfleet.


Active Crew & Cast

Senior Staff

Post Rank Character Name Player Name
CO Captain T'Shara Shari D.
XO Commander Aalet Damrok Aaron W.
FCO Lieutenant Junior Grade Ian Williams James H.
OPS Lieutenant Fong Jack F.
CTO Lieutenant Giorgos Kytides Michael R.
TO Ensign Kestra Leah Mary H.
CSO Commander Senn Eris Karriaunna S.
SO --- Open ---
CEO Commander William Davis William D.
EO --- Open ---
CMO Commander Serena Raeyld Lea
MO Lieutenant Junior Grade Kaylee Ann Stevens Alexander J.
CNS Lieutenant Commander Theron Foster Michael H.
CIV --- Open ---
SM - Andrew Dalrymple

Carrier Air Guard Operations

Carrier Air Guard Operations

NPC Crew

The USS Claymore has created and uses a rich array of non-player characters to enhance gameplay. Since not everything happens on the bridge and not everyone on the ship is a bridge officer, its important to have people in some of the lesser-known but equally important positions essential to operating the ship.

Continue on for more information on this developing list of USS Claymore NPCs.

Ship History

In development...

USS Claymore Refit - 11301.09

USS Claymore Refit

Mission Arcs

List of USS Claymore missions


Andrew Dalrymple (10712.03 - Present)

Beth Kelley-Wharton (10712.03 - 10801.30) [temp]

Dave Smith (10404.27 - 10712.01)

Carol Ray (10303.04 - 10309.30?)

Gilles L├ęger (10211.25 - 10302.25) [temp]

Brett Lynam (10207.16 - 10210.22)

Tom Gardner (10105.15 - 10207.01)

Steve Mallory (10005.09 - 10105.01)

some dates approximate

Commanding Officers

Character Name Species From To Played By
T'Shara Vulcan 10712.03 Current Shari Dalrymple
Jyg'Lo Ahkileez Vulcan 10706.19 10712.01 Kurt Goring
T'Shara (acting) Vulcan 10703.21 10706.18 Shari Dalrymple
Daylan Atlas Bajoran 10511.13 10703.20 Kurt Goring
Alexander Zane Taylor III Terran 10507.17 10511.13 Perry Hooks
Patrick Michael Randolph Terran 10205.21 10507.01 Mason Stevenson
William J. Hall Terran 10105.23 10205.17 Mason Stevenson
Varel Torbin Bajoran 10005.09 (Launch) 10105.08 Tom Gardner

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