USS Crecy

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USS Crecy Logo
Registry: NCC-31258
Class: Excelsior Class
Status: Destroyed NPC Vessel
Location: Federation Space
Affiliation: Starfleet

Welcome to the former USS Crecy


Post Rank Character Name
CO Captain --

ACTD Noteworthy

  • The USS Crecy was found destroyed in a sector bordering Klingon space.
  • It's attackers were a group of rogue Klingons.
  • The USS Victoria investigated the disappearance of the Crecy.
  • Apparently, the Klingons who found the Crecy repaired it as it engaged the Victoria and the Broadsword later on.
  • The USS Broadsword seriously damaged and disabled the Crecy and subsequently boarded her.
  • Afterwards, she was towed to Atlantis Station by relief ships.
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