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USS Delphyne Logo
Registry: NCC-45264
Class: Excelsior Class
Launched: 8002.27
Status: Destroyed
Location: Federation Space
Home Base: Starbase 310
Affiliation: Starfleet


Final Roster

Post Rank Character Name Player Name
CO Captain Torel Kal Beth K.
XO Commander Llynisika Nancy S.
FCO --- Open ---
OPS Commander Twelk Richard R.
CTO Commander Tiberious Cassious McQueen John F.
TO --- Open ---
CSO --- Open ---
SO --- Open ---
CEO --- Open ---
EO --- Open ---
CMO --- Open ---
MO --- Open ---
CNS --- Open ---
CIV --- Open ---
SM - Ted Wharton

Ship History

Ship's Motto

"From legends past and legends to be, may our ever-searching spirits be cast into the vastness of space... We seek our knowledge against mortal time we race... Peace and freedom we pledge."


The USS Delphyne was constructed and christened at San Francisco shipyard on Earth. The ship was then moved to Starbase One in orbit around Earth, also known as Earth Station McKinley. The ship was finished at external docking port 5, and there made ready for final power up, fueling, supply, and to take on her first crew. On Stardate 9712.15, with Captain Leurr in command, the Excelsior class vessel came to life for the first time.

USS Delphyne Historical Database

Captains (in order of Captaincy)


List of USS Delphyne missions

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