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USS Hercules Logo
Registry: NCC-83549
Class: Steamrunner Class
Launched: 10401.09
Status: Destroyed
Location: Federation Space
Home Base: Atlantis Station
Affiliation: Starfleet


Cast & Crew

Last Senior Staff

Post Rank Character Name Player Name
CO Captain William Grant Kramer Brandon Carter
XO Lieutenant Commander Threv Goland Dean Helton
FCO Lieutenant Samantha Guerin Terry Gruber
OPS Lieutenant JG Lakhesis Vesta Margaret Greenup
CTO Lieutenant Commander Deacon Kincaid Scott Walters
TO Lieutenant JG Vincent Somerlet Gail Daniel Sanchez
CSO Lieutenant JG Toran O'Bannon James McCauley
SO Ensign Sam Fisher Mark Boomer
CEO Lieutenant JG Telan Pellora Metzeten
EO Ensign Klas of the house of Kol Chris Van Drimmelen
CMO Commander Havik Tor William Beeler
MO Lieutenant JG Aiglos Athenelas Kurt Iversen
CNS Ensign Ian Olson Nate Rice
CIV Lieutenant JG StarWatcher Of-Sansrae Christopher Smith
SM - Brandon Carter

Ship History

Ship's Motto

"... a dream that became a reality and spread throughout the stars" James T. Kirk

After Destruction

Years after its destruction, the Hercules wreckage was plundered for parts to be incorporated into the SS Maleficent (USS Seleya Stardate 10710.28).

Mission Archives

Those Who Served

Former Ship Managers

  • This guy

Former Commanding Officers

  • That guy

Notable Past Characters

Here are some notable characters that served on the USS Hercules in the past:

Post Rank Character Name Player Name
XO Commander Bremik Rutger van B.
XO Commander Paul Robinson Paul Robinson
FCO Lieutenant Lincoln Ivanovich Serov Joel M Poppleton
FCO Ensign Gil Arxa Joel M Poppleton
FCO Ensign Lucretia Sinclaire Matthew Cleary
OPS Lieutenant Commander John McKnight Mike Yan
OPS Ensign Jeral Nevit Rob van den Dungen
OPS Ensign Drake Fox Mike Yan
CTO Lieutenant JG Tam Hagen Todd W.
CTO Lieutenant JG Chad Iza Sean Y.
TO Lieutenant JG Martin Reed Martin Slepowronski
TO Ensign Sutter Oren Matt Griffiths
CSO Commander Vyxx Mike Lynch
CSO Lieutenant Tim Hunter Mike Johnson
SO Lieutenant JG Sebastian Ryann Brian F.
SO Ensign Eran Tolor Michael R.
CEO Commander Marlo Jovi Matt Griffiths
CEO Commander Rembrandt Devereux Scott Walters
EO Ensign John Alexander Whitney Mike Ihlenfeldt
MO Ensign Cody Aaron Wick Cody Wick
MO Ensign Casard Joshua vanderSluys
CNS Lieutenant Opal Long Janaye H.
CNS Lieutenant Nudara Bochema Janaye H.
CNS Lieutenant JG Jamie Dawson Cory F.
CIV Ensign Alex Finley Tim Schols
CIV Ensign Tanlek Azram Dan Woodward

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