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USS Kraken Logo
Registry: NCC-75712
Class: Intrepid Class
Launched: 11207.19
Status: decommissioned SD 11402.13
Location: Federation Space
Home Base: Deep Space 102
Affiliation: Starfleet

The Kraken's motto:

"Once by man and angels to be seen, in roaring he shall rise" - Alfred Lord Tennyson


Senior Staff

Post Rank Character Name Player Name
CO Captain A'an Selzah Robert W.
XO Commander Kesh' Suder Aoibhe
FCO --- Open ---
OPS Lieutenant Junior Grade Torel Alena Sophie W.
CTO Lieutenant Henry James Sumner C.J. S.
TO Ensign Shabella Koraz Gina T.
CSO Ensign Arya Ix Lília P.
SO --- Open ---
CEO Lieutenant Commander Anthony 'Tony' Adalberto Einar S.
EO --- Open ---
CMO Commander Kymar Dremel James G.
MO --- Open ---
CNS --- Open ---
CIV --- Open ---
SM - Andrew James

NPC Crew

Post Rank Character Name Owner
Engineer Ensign Jackson Einar S
Engineer Ensign Mackenzie Einar S
Engineer Petty Officer Victoria Reed Einar S
Engineer Ensign Leata Einar S
Engineer Chief Petty Officer Xhasa Andrew J
Security Ensign Taraya Mishel Andrew J
Security Crewman, 2nd Class Teera Andrew J
Security Enlisted Jarak Andrew J
Operations (Gamma) Ensign Wenjing Qufu Andrew J
Pilot (Gamma) Ensign Zorn Andrew J
Exo-Planetary Biologist Ensign Meshra Mena Sharna Kiri Do Andrew J
Staff Nurse Ensign Laney Keyson Aoibhe
Quartermaster Yeoman 4th Class Raphael Duncan Aoibhe

Ship History

Launched on SD 11207.19 at Deep Space 6, the Kraken's first mission saw them embark almost immediately towards an errant run-about's distress call.

Auxiliary Spacecraft

Type 6 Type 9 Type 9A Type 18 Work Bee Aerowing

Hafgufa · Lyngbakr


Aspidochelone · Capricorn · Charybdis · Coinchenn




Jörmungandr · Leviathan


Makara · Cetus



Previous Captains and SMs

AGMs and SMs

(In order of Reign)

  • Andrew James 11207.19 - present


Character Name Species From To Played By
A'an Selzah Bajoran 11207.19 present Rob W.

Original Staff

SD 11207.19

CO Cmdr Aan: ::Walks onto the bridge and moves to the captain's chair. Taps the Comm.:: *ALL*: This is the Captain. We are responding to an emergency distress transmission, with the possibility of casualties. I want all department heads to report to the briefing room as soon as we launch. We're on the clock people, let's get to work.

Post Rank Character Name Player Name
CO Captain A'an Selzah Rob W.
XO Commander Kesh' Suder Aoibhe Ni
CTO Lieutenant Ethan Michael MacAllister Scott K.
TO Ensign Shabella Koraz Gina T.
CSO Lieutenant Arya Ix Lilia P.
CEO Lieutenant Anthony 'Tony' Adalberto Einar S.
EO Lieutenant Jake Mc Knight Peter K.
CMO Lieutenant Zefram DuPont Neil C.
SM - Andrew J.



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