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USS Quirinus Logo
Registry: NCC-83942
Class: Steamrunner Class
Launched: 9805.11
Status: Inactive
Location: Federation Space
Home Base: Starbase 821
Affiliation: Starfleet

Federation Starship, Steamrunner Class, Starfleet registry number NCC-83942.


Cast & Crew

Senior Staff

Post Rank Character Name Player Name
CO Captain Sulek Mitch T.
XO Commander Kraight Jeffrey G. B.
FCO --- Open ---
OPS --- Open ---
CTO Commander Billy Bob Powers, Jr. Christopher D.
CSO --- Open ---
SO --- Open ---
CEO --- Open ---
EO --- Open ---
CMO Lieutenant Mathar Raythan Mike J.
MO --- Open ---
CNS Commander Azhure Powers Karriaunna S.
CIV --- Open ---
SM - Keith L.

Additional Personnel

See List of USS Quirinus NPCs

Ship History

On Stardate 9805.11, the surviving crew of the recently destroyed USS Griffon were taking R&R planetside near Nesrun Station. Sudden orders prompted a recall of the crew, several of whom were intoxicated, to the station and all were subsequently beamed to the Nesrun Fleet Yards in orbit over the planet. There the former crew of the U.S.S. Griffon were given a new Steamrunner Class starship, the U.S.S. Quirinus. Named for a Roman god of war, the Quirinus's first mission was to track down and capture one of the few remaining Storm vessels still free, the U.S.S. Madagascar. Since the U.S.S. Griffon had been destroyed by the Storm, the new crew of the Quirinus leaped at the chance for revenge.

Thus began the adventures of the starship Quirinus. She has continued to serve the Federations and Starfleet since her launch over eight years ago.

[History Incomplete]

In late 2382 the U.S.S. Quirinus was assigned to a stellar cluster on the edge of the Beta Quadrant known as the Xherivhan. After a three months journey to the Xherivhan region the Quirinus was assigned to Crossroads Station, conducting astonomical surveys and peace keeping patrols throughout the war-torn region.

During their assignment in the Xherivhan the crew of the Quirinus have encountered a wide range of alien species, some ethereal, others evolved from insect life. The crew has encountered several attempts at sabotage, and recently conducted humanitarian aid to those effected by the bombing of Crossroads Station. With the recent outbreak of conflict between the Lilithine Sisterhood and the Tzani, the Quirinus continues to serve out of Crossroads, under the supervision of Captain Joanna Matisse.

Link to the USS Quirinus Historical Database.

Mission Archives

Auxiliary Spacecraft

The following is a list of auxiliary spacecraft permanently assigned to the USS Quirinus:

Those Who Served

Former Ship Managers

Former Commanding Officers

Started Completed Character Name Player Name Special Notes
9805.11 9806.08 Okatar Bradley Dave S. (U.S.S. Quirinus' 1st Commanding Officer, former CO of the U.S.S. Griffon)
9806.15 9811.30 Deela Lenor Sherri R.
9811.30 9910.08 Dustin Maverick Anders I. (At age 13, possibly the youngest player to be made Captain in ST:ACTD)
9910.15 Present Sulek Mitch T. (Captain with the most seniority in ST:ACTD)

Original Crew, Circa Stardate 9805

  • CO - Capt. Okatar Bradley
  • XO - Lt. Dustin Maverick
  • FCO - Ens. Knowles
  • Ops - Lucas
  • CSO - Ens. Sulek
  • SO - Grey
  • CTO - Ens. James Rightmire
  • TO - Katal
  • CEO - Madison
  • CMO - Amber Snow
  • CNS - Browning

Former Crew

  • XO - Cmdr Thelsh (Robert P.)
  • XO - LtCmdr Etap Trebor (Robert P.)
  • FCO - LtJG Soriq Ahkileez (Kurt G.)
  • CEO - LtJG Chandra Royle (Bryce M.)
  • CEO - Lt David Telarus (Ed S.)
  • EO - Ens Eric VanSickle (Eric V.)
  • CTO - Lt Cherry (Jane R.)
  • TO - Lt Adrienne Kostandinos-Michaels (Erin C.)
  • CMO - Ens Valar Mitchell (Darlene W.)
  • CMO - Lt Sean O'Mallory (Patrick M.)
  • CMO - Ens Zee Alexander (Matt B.)
  • SO - LtJG Latta (Margaret B.)
  • CNS - LtCmdr Serena Sheridan (Pam B.)
  • CNS - Lt Mathar Raythan (Mike J.)
  • CIV - Capt Joanna Matisse (Kate M.)
  • CIV - Capt Kelhyn Tannis (Eric W.)

ACTD Noteworthy

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