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USS Seleya Logo
Registry: NCC-75635
Class: Sovereign Class
Launched: 10211.24
Status: Active
Location: Federation Space
Home Base: Avalon Station
Affiliation: Starfleet

This is the page for the Sovereign Class starship USS Seleya. For information regarding the Galaxy Class Seleya, see USS Seleya (NCC-70825)

The Seleya's motto:

"Be a Columbus to whole new continents and worlds within you opening new channels not of trade, but thought" - Thoreau


Senior Staff

Post Rank Character Name Player Name
CO Captain Varesh Chris E.
XO Commander Maor Eldad B.
FCO --- Open ---
OPS Lieutenant Mark "Spritzer" Sorsion Toros A.
CTO Captain Maximus Heller Michael H.
TO --- Open ---
CSO --- Open ---
SO --- Open ---
CEO --- Open ---
EO --- Open ---
CMO --- Open ---
MO --- Open ---
CNS --- Open ---
CIV --- Open ---
SM - Karriaunna Scotti

NPC Crew

Post Rank Character Name Owner
Flight Deck Ensign Nemmo Munasii Rob W.
Shuttle Tech' Ensign Simon Meeks Rob W.
TO Ensign Lee Jun Sing Aoibhe
TO Lieutenant Taliesin Mike
TO Ensign Olympia Foster Mike
Cartography Lieutenant Stephen Eros Aoibhe
Cartography Ensign John Pardeau Aoibhe
Chief Nurse Lieutenant Sek General
Doctor on call, beta Shift Civilian Patrick Grey General
Staff Nurse Petty Officer, 1st Class Richard Desento Aoibhe
Staff Nurse Crewman, 2nd Class Larry Prinze Aoibhe
Staff Nurse Chief Warrant Officer, 1st Class Alison Black Aoibhe
SB Orderly Chief Petty Officer Dae Chenko Aoibhe

Ship History

In 2002, the original USS Seleya was destroyed amidst a crisis - and was replaced by a Sovereign Class (the first in ACTD) of the same name.

Downsizing in the game in recent years has moved the Seleya into the Second Fleet.

Of the original four ships (Seleya, Griffon, Callisto, Geneva) - the Seleya is the only one to "survive" (in name / time slot) after ten years.

Auxiliary Spacecraft

Type 11 Type 9 Type 8
Aventino · Campidoglio · Celio · Esquilino Quirinale · Viminale · Megiddo · Palatino
· Sparrow · Vitruvius · Kremlin
Calvary · Avas · Vatican · Cavanal
· Mamaev

Previous Captains and SMs

AGMs and SMs

(In order of Reign)

  • Neil Cole
  • Chris Esterhuyse
  • Nick Beckwith
  • Michael Jones
  • ?
  • Karriauna Scotti


Character Name Species From To Played By
Tamraz Lira-Bolitho Trill 10205.12 10310.27 Gina T.
Adam Jason Muir Terran 10312.07 10510.29 Adam M.
Nathan Orion Darklighter Terran 10510.29 10606.25 Peter K.
Alexandra Margarida Gomes Terran 10607.05 Present Lilia P.



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Ship Site
Mailing List Archive
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