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USS Sharikahr Logo
Registry: NCC-81204
Class: Norway Class
Launched: 10007.29
Status: Active
Location: Starbase 310
Home Base: Deep Space 15th
Affiliation: Starfleet

Welcome to the USS Sharikahr NCC-81204, the Second Fleet's flagship for diplomacy!


Cast and Crew

Post Rank Character Name Player Name
CO No Rank Savar William Dickinson Christopher D.
XO --- Open ---
FCO Commander Twelk Richard R.
OPS Lieutenant Commander Logan Cartwright Jeremy C.
CTO Lieutenant Donavin Arinoch James H.
TO --- Open ---
CSO Commander Sin'ajéídishjool So'tsoh Karriaunna S.
SO --- Open ---
CEO Commander Gina Lynn Hembrook Gina H.
EO --- Open ---
CMO Lieutenant Commander Keely Carissa Calahan Lisa B.
MO --- Open ---
CNS Lieutenant Commander Amber Marie Haynes-Cartwright Amber H.
CIV Commander Adam Kurt Wall John F.
SM - Enrico Toro

Ship's History

Welcome aboard the Federation starship U.S.S. Sharikahr NCC-81204 the Second Fleet's flagship for diplomacy. The U.S.S. Sharikahr, named for the capital city of Vulcan, launched in to service from Vulcan on Stardate 10007.27 under the Command of Captain Nancy Fowler.

Carrying a name so dear to the Vulcan people has placed a solemn duty into the hands of the ship's crew to represent themselves, the Vulcan people, and the Federation in the best light. Constructed in orbit of the planet, the Sharikahr is one of the few Starfleet vessels that has a predominantly Vulcan crew with a Vulcan to non-Vulcan crew ratio of approximately 2:1.

Several years ago, command of the Sharikahr passed to then Commander Jyg'Lo Ahkileez who had served alongside Captain Fowler from the ship's launch. An ex-Marine and Intelligence Officer, Captain Ahkileez seemed like the wrong person to be given command of a Science and Diplomacy vessel, a fact that he has had to wrestle with in his command to do the right thing for the crew and its mission.

After spending three years commanding of the Sharikahr, Captain Ahkileez passed on command to then Lieutenant Commander Keely Cephas who had served aboard the Sharikahr as her Counselor for two years.

One year passed before command of the Sharikahr was passed on to a new face, Captain Kalen Mordane. Unfortunately, his command was short lived, but he had left his mark with the valiant crew.

Command of the Sharikahr was then transferred to the Executive Officer at the time, Commander Sarah Renee Horn. This was also a short lived command, only lasting for five months.

The Sharikahr thrives on, currently under the command of Captain Savar. Though command has changed a great deal over the past several years, the Norway Class Sharikahr continues with their mission as diplomats and explorers.

Technical Specifications

Auxiliary Craft

  • Sochya - the Captain's yacht


Ship Manager History

  • Jon Benson Stardates 10911.12 - Present
  • Enrico Toro Stardates 10704.01 - 10911.15
  • Cory Friess (Temporary SM) Stardates 10702.16 - 10704.01
  • Nick M. Stardates 10611.13 - 10702.16
  • Kurt G. (Temporary SM) Stardates 10609.15 - 10611.13
  • Cory Friess Stardates 10512.29 - 10609.15
  • Karriaunna S. (Fleet Manager acting as SM) Stardates 10509.08 - 10512.29
  • Cory Friess Stardates 10508.24 - 10509.08
  • Christopher Dickinson (Temporary SM) Stardates 10505.27 - 10508.24
  • Gilles Leger Stardates 10310.23 - 10506.02
  • Karriaunna S. Stardates 10309.11 - 10310.23
  • James Alan Young Stardates 10306.26 - 10309.04
  • Frank Tucker Stardates 10206.06 - 10306.21
  • Steve M. Stardates 10201.10 - 10205.23
  • Mark Tucker Stardates 10007.27 - 10201.10

Commanding Officer History

  • Christopher Dickinson as Savar from Stardates 10710.12 - present
  • Isabelle Carreau as Captain Amelia Adrel from Stardates 10702.19 - 10709.19
  • Eli Irvin as Captain Elisha Irvin from Stardates 10604.07 - 10611.17
  • Janaye Hinsley as Captain Sarah Renee Horn from 10510.21 - 10603.24
  • Bryan Allen as Captain Kalen Mordane from 10508.26 - 10510.21
  • Charlotte Wrestler as Captain Keely Cephas from 10405.07 - 10508.23
  • Kurt Goring as Captain Jyg'Lo Ahkileez from 10111.17 - 10405.07
  • Nancy Stricker as Captain Nancy Fowler from 10007.27 - 10111.17

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