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USS Trinity Logo
Registry: NCC-74809
Class: Intrepid Class
Status: Active
Location: Seventh Fleet
Home Base: Valdivian Station
Affiliation: Starfleet


Cast and Crew

Senior Staff

Post Rank Character Name Player Name
CO Captain Harvey Kirkman Mike Y.
XO Lieutenant Commander Samantha M. Waters Lone W.
FCO Commander Adelaide Morgana Liz F.
OPS Ensign Kalen Zhen Patrick B.
CTO Lieutenant Junior Grade Yula Reznov Brett L.
TO Ensign Blair Stewart Morgan R.
CSO Ensign Adam Trask Daniel O.
SO --- Open ---
CEO Ensign Robert Matheson Gavin F.
EO Ensign Joshua Walsh Joshua O W.
CMO Ensign Wolfgang Keller Stephen O.
MO Ensign Jadinya Tan Matthew M.
CNS Ensign Altair Redfield A.J. F.
CIV Commander T'Keth Lithrian Daan S.
SM - Mike Yan

Notable NPC Characters

The USS Trinity is staffed by numerous personnel. Some of them are members of Starfleet while others are civilians. Here is a developing list of the personnel that are frequently mentioned to be serving aboard the ship: List of USS Trinity NPCs.

Ship History

Construction and Launch

Ship's Motto

Ship's Traditions

Previous Missions

For a list of previous missions starring the crew of the Trinity

Auxilary Spacecraft

Those Who Served

Notable Past Characters

Background Information

External Links

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