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USS Victoria Logo
Registry: NCC-74963
Class: Intrepid Class
Launched: 10204.15
Status: Active
Location: Earth
Home Base: Atlantis Station
Affiliation: Starfleet

The USS Victoria (NCC-74963) is an Intrepid Class starship currently assigned to the Seventh Fleet, operating out of Atlantis Station. This is the latest ship in a long line of naval vessels to carry the name Victoria. It is named after Lake Victoria (also known as Victoria Nyanza, Ukerewe, and Nalubaale), one of the African Great Lakes on the planet Earth.

Unofficially, the ship celebrates its namesake, the longest serving Monarch of the British Empire, HRH Queen Victoria from 19th Century Earth. The motto of the ship is taken from one of her speeches.

"We are not interested in the possibilities of defeat. They do not exist." - Queen Victoria



Post Rank Character Name Player Name
CO Captain Kaim Kurogami A.J. F.
XO Lieutenant Rrahng Joseph M.
FCO Commander Marie Lynn Williams Matthew M.
OPS Lieutenant Commander Phillip Williamson Shane D.
CTO --- Open ---
TO --- Open ---
CSO --- Open ---
SO --- Open ---
CEO --- Open ---
EO --- Open ---
CMO Lieutenant Commander Edward Spears Derek W.
MO Ensign Dalera Natran Juan Angel R.
CNS Lieutenant Andromeda Tate Lone W.
CIV --- Open ---
SM - A.J. Foster

USS Victoria Database

Current Mission

Notable NPC Characters

For a list of notable NPC Characters aboard the USS Victoria, see List of USS Victoria NPCs.

Past Characters

For a list of Past Characters about the USS Victoria, see List of USS Victoria Past Characters.

Past Missions

For a list of past missions that the Victoria has undertaken, see USS Victoria Mission Database

The Mirror Universe

The crew of the Victoria have met their mirror universe counterparts whose biographies can be found IKS Chak'Teng Library Database.

Current Shuttle Layout

Shuttle Layout of the USS Victoria - NCC 74963
Type Registry Designation Name Image
Type 9 NCC 74963 / 1 Shuttle 1 Faith Type-9
Type 9 NCC 74963 / 2 Shuttle 2 Strength Type-9
Type 9 NCC 74963 / 3 Shuttle 3 Courage Type-9
Type 9 NCC 74963 / 4 Shuttle 4 Harmony Type-9
Type 11 NCC 74963 / 5 Shuttle 5 Serenity Type-11
Type 18 NCC 74963 / 6 Shuttle 6 Piper Type-18
Workbee NCC 74963 / 7 Workbee 1 Gillan Workbee
Workbee NCC 74963 / 8 Workbee 2 Darvil Workbee
Aerowing Shuttle NCC 74963 / 9 Captain's Yacht USS Coleman Aerowing Shuttle

Interesting Notes

  • The ship is currently based out of Atlantis station along with the whole of the Seventh Fleet. The station acts as both a command facility for Admiral Yan, 7th Fleet CinC, and his staff as well as a repair and resupply station for the entire fleet. Atlantis is a spacedock facility located in the westerly region of the Federation just south of Bajoran space.

  • The Victoria does not have a specific patrol area but is chosen to do specific missions across the whole of the Federation. It has been chosen for this role not only because of it's high cruising speed but its capable and decorated crew.

  • The Victoria has an odd phase imbalance in the EPS conduits down the starboard side. Numerous recalibrations and upgrades to the system have failed to fix the problem. Although it does not affect the overall performance of the ship by more than a few millionths of a percent it has proved a bug-a-bear for the many engineering officers posted on the Victoria.

  • The ship is by no means the smallest in the fleet but has a reputation for having the fastest and most comprehensive gossip network. Some sayings about which are:
    • "The ship where the deck scrubbers know the mission before the Captain."
    • "The only place in the universe where information CAN travel faster than the speed of light."

  • Prior to it's service in ACTD, the USS Victoria was one of the five Starfleet vessels involved in the Storm rebellion. Most of its original crew are either serving sentences in Federation penal colonies, or have been drummed out of the service. After the rebellion was quashed, the Victoria was almost completely re-crewed. Its current crew now has none of the officers that served during the Storm crisis.

  • Also prior to the Victoria's launch as an ACTD vessel the USS Victoria was featured in an arc of Xayvian Station. During the arc the Victoria suffered heavy damage following an attack by an unidentified alien probe. The Victoria was recalled from duty near Xayvian and returned to Utopia Planitia for refit and repair.

  • The USS Victoria was originally meant to be launched as the USS Armstrong, but the appearance of a ship by that name on screen called for the name change.

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