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User Name: Bapaveza (Jafo)
Real Name: Brian Paveza


Current Positions


Current Characters

Lieutenant Commander B'lee Staychne, XO aboard Denali Station

Past Positions

ST:ACTD Wiki User talk:Bapaveza
Assistant Game Manager, ST:ACTD
Personnel Manager, ST:ACTD
Director, Evaluations Standards & Practices Committee (ESPC)
Fleet Manager, Ninth Fleet
Ship Manager, USS Apache
Ship Manager, USS Itasca
Ship Manager, USS Paula Greene
Ship Manager, USS Gladius
ST:ACTD Intelligence Reporter
2009 ACTDR Convention Coordinator

Past Characters

Captain Jafo Madred, CO aboard USS Paula Greene
Captain Chauncey St. John, CO aboard USS Itasca
Commander Jarvel, CO aboard USS Paula Greene
Commander Kiefaire'zar, XO aboard USS Europa
Commander J.T. Cutter, CO aboard USS Gladius
Lieutenant Commander Dey'Utchendeyorbren, CMO aboard USS Victoria
Lieutenant Commander Falha'konin, XO aboard USS Broadsword
Lieutenant Commander Juner Shylt, CNS aboard USS Dakota
Lieutenant Commander Thomas Calloway, CEO aboard Denali Station
Ensign Chelsea Lysander, CSO aboard USS Itasca
Ensign Sotov'lor, CNS aboard USS Themisto
Ensign Enzio Corleone, MO aboard USS Katana

Other Ships

Aside from the ships referenced above I have also served aboard...


Ninth Fleet
USS Delphyne
USS Geneva
USS Apache
USS Gladius
USS Itasca
USS Paula Greene
Denali Station
USS Europa
USS Themisto
USS Katana
USS Europa
USS Tal-War
USS Vienna
USS Pavonis
USS Columbia
USS Victoria
USS Afton
Morgan Le Fay Station
USS Broadsword
USS Dakota

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