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USS Perseus
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Registry: NCC-78168-A
Class: Sovereign Class
Launched: 10710.28
Status: Active
Location: Seventh Fleet
Home Base: Atlantis Station
Affiliation: Starfleet
Ship Plaque
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The USS Perseus (NCC-78168) was initially a Nova Class Variant Starship, which was a refitted Nova Class. Its advancements include enhanced armament and higher warp capabilities. Please see USS Perseus (NCC-78168) for more details relating to the original Perseus.

During the mission, Dark Reflections, the Perseus crashed landed on Bajor and was declared destroyed. On Stardate 10710.28 a brand new Sovereign class starship was commissioned the Perseus-A to carry on the legacy of the original starship and for their sacrifices made during the mission titled "Dark Reflections."

On Stardate 10802.17

John nodded in acknowledgment from OPS and turned to the helm, "Commander, Take us out." Before saying 'engage,' John adjusted the beanie which had the name USS Perseus stitched onto the side and stuck it on his head. It was given to him by a woman in a store located on Atlantis when he first received command of the original Perseus. He also thought about the speed at which to take the ship out of the station. Even though regulation stated only thrusters are to be used, a lot of Captains choose otherwise and departed at one quarter impulse. Captain Kramer, his former captain, was one of them. Since he took the original Perseus out at impulse, he decided to do it again. He turned his attention back to the Helm and said, "One quarter impulse, Commander. Engage."
John held his breath for the final departure and held it until they cleared the station. Seeing the image on the viewscreen was just breath taking.

And so it began... again


Cast and Crew

Senior Staff

Post Rank Character Name Player Name
CO Captain John McKnight Mike Y.
XO Commander 10010 and 10110 Fox M.
FCO Commander Amy Hunt Liz F.
OPS Commander Kiera Rayn Asherby KJ D.
CTO Lieutenant Junior Grade Adrian Lee Adrian L.
TO Lieutenant Junior Grade Vito Koleski David N.
CSO Commander Laphiel N'Ruri Laphiel
SO --- Open ---
CEO Lieutenant Andrew Wiggin Derek C.
EO --- Open ---
CMO Lieutenant Commander Zio Jintaci Mike S.
MO --- Open ---
CNS Lieutenant Junior Grade Maeve O'Cleary Matthew C.
CIV --- Open ---
SM - Mike Yan

Notable NPC Characters

For a list of notable NPC Characters that serve aboard the USS Perseus, see List of USS Perseus NPCs.

Ship History

The Nova Class Variant

The Perseus started out originally as a Nova Class Variant which was produced in response to the growing threat that the Nova Class was falling to the same fate as the Oberth Class, an easy target. It served the honorably for several years before finally meeting its demise on Bajor. She fought against the Tassians, Ferengons (Klingons disguised as Ferengi), and a mirror universe Q before she was declared lost by Starfleet Command. The original Perseus was sacrificed in an attempt to destroy a mirror universe Q whom threaten to vanquish the Federation. However, even though the ship was lost, it was not forgotten by anyone.

The Sovereign Class

After the mission titled Dark Reflections, the Perseus crew returned to Earth without a ship. Admiral Crenshaw later revealed that Starfleet Command had reassigned all of them to the Perseus-A, which was a newly build Sovereign class refit. They felt that since the crew had sacrificed so much in order to save the entire Federation that they made sure that the entire crew stayed together aboard the new ship. The newly designated Perseus-A is a refitted Sovereign class that matched basic design specifications.

Construction and Launch

The USS Perseus was commissioned a week before Stardate 10412.23 and arrived at Atlantis Station on Stardate 10412.23. Perseus left for her maiden voyage on Stardate 10502.11 under the command of Captain John McKnight.

The Perseus-A was commissioned on Stardate 10710.28 at McKinley Station. She left for her maiden voyage on Stardate 10802.17 under the command of Captain John McKnight.

Ship's Motto

USS Perseus' Dedication Plaque

The original Perseus' motto was chosen by the crew before she left spacedock for the very first time. It read:

"There will be time enough for tears; this hour is all we have for rescue." - Perseus

The motto was changed on Stardate 10810.28 to reflect everything the crew had gone through and to reflect the new Sovereign class. The new motto read as follows:

"Be not afraid of life. Believe that life is worth living, and your belief will help create the fact." - Henry James.

Ship's Traditions

  • Whenever the Perseus leaves out from Atlantis on a mission, the Captain wears a knit beanie cap, with a Perseus patch on them, out of the space dock. The cap was given to the Captain when he first took command of the original Perseus.
  • Main Engineering on the Perseus is still referred to as 'Home' by the Engineering staff. Started as a joke between Serra Lyones and Sotr, the name has stuck. Likely also is that it is actually an acronym for "Helping Out, Main Engineering", referring to the location of the many free personnel from other departments, snagged to help keep the ship operational.
  • Rumor has it that the unofficial mascot of the ship is the cactuar, from the old Earth 'Final Fantasy' series of fiction. No one is as of yet certain where, or perhaps who, it would have originated from. The creature, though small, is a potent enemy which reflects the viciousness that the Perseus crew displays on a daily basis.
  • Crew members on the Perseus past, present, and future are referred to as Perseids. Named after the meteor storms visible from Earth and various other planets, the name was applied by Tervan Leere once and has managed to stick reasonably well amongst the crew.

Previous Missions

For a list of previous missions starring the crew of the Perseus, see List of USS Perseus missions.

Here's a graphical snapshot (preview):

Auxilary Spacecraft

Type 8 Shuttlecrafts Type 9 Shuttlecrafts Type 11 Shuttlecrafts Other
  • Alcheb
  • Algol
  • Atik
  • Alphecher
  • Miram
  • Misam

Those Who Served

Notable Past Characters

For a list of notable NPC Characters that serve aboard the USS Perseus, see List of USS Perseus Notable Past Characters.

Background Information

In November 2004, the 7th Fleet FM and DM (Ian R.) contacted Mike Yan to be the SM of a new ship. It took Mike about a month to decide what ship he wanted and he ultimately decided on a Nova Class. The other choices that were being considered were the Defiant and the Galaxy classes.

However, after a few days with the choice of a Nova Class, Mike had an idea of using a Nova Class Variant. He searched for the specs and found out that it was possible for a Nova Class Variant (the one seen on ST: Voyager's last episode) to exist in the normal ST:ACTD timeline. After some discussions with the DM and the GM, he was able to designate his ship as a Nova Class Variant. Mike also wrote an article about it at the techspecs website.

External Links

USS Perseus' Ship Website

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