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Valdivian Station Logo
Registry: DS 808
Class: Buckingham Class
Status: Active
Location: Federation Space
Affiliation: Starfleet


Name and Overview

Valdivian Station was named after the Valdivian Forest which is located on Earth in the South America continent. Valdivian Station was built in 2388 and was the first Federation Outpost to be located between the Caldik and Draylon star systems. It's purpose was to provide fleet support within the surrounding area. Valdivian Station also conducted scientific experiments related to the region of space known as the "Badlands." The USS Trinity was assigned to the station to help the crew gather scientific research as well as providing autonomous capability for full execution of Federation defensive, cultural, scientific, and explorative policy in deep space or border territory. The Valdivian Station's motto is "Let us drop these breadcrumbs... so that together we find our way home. Because losing our way would be the most cruel of things."


Valdivian Station is a Buckingham Class Station and is home to 20,000 stationed personnel with about 2,500-5,000 visiting personnel annually.


Valdivian operates in Federation space. The following systems are surrounding the station: Caldik, Pellar Zel, Draylon, Iota Persei, Notaki, Galador.

Current Command

Post Rank Character Name Player Name
CO Captain Harvey Kirkman Mike Y.
XO Lieutenant Commander Samantha M. Waters Lone W.
FCO Commander Adelaide Morgana Liz F.
OPS Ensign Kalen Zhen Patrick B.
CTO Lieutenant Junior Grade Yula Reznov Brett L.
TO Ensign Blair Stewart Morgan R.
CSO Ensign Adam Trask Daniel O.
SO --- Open ---
CEO Ensign Robert Matheson Gavin F.
EO Ensign Joshua Walsh Joshua O W.
CMO Ensign Wolfgang Keller Stephen O.
MO Ensign Jadinya Tan Matthew M.
CNS Ensign Altair Redfield A.J. F.
CIV Commander T'Keth Lithrian Daan S.
SM - Mike Yan

Notable NPC Characters

Valdivian Station is staffed by numerous personnel. Some of them are members of Starfleet while others are civilians. Here is a developing list of the personnel that are frequently mentioned to be serving aboard the station: List of Valdivian Station NPCs.

Valdivian Station Tour

The following are significant points of interest aboard Valdivian Station.

Starfleet Offices

Bars and Lounges

Restaurants, Cafe's, and Deli's

The Hot Tamale

  • Type: Restaurant
  • Location: Off the Main Promenade
  • Description: 'The Hot Tamale' is a classic Earth style restaurant that features a dining area as well as a bar. It primarily serves Earth style Mexican cuisine.
  • People Associated:

nuqDaq'oH puchpa"e'?

  • Type: Restaurant
  • Location: Off the Main Promenade
  • Description: A well-established Klingon restaurant that has recently experienced a small incident with tribbles in the customer's bathroom that the store's owner, M'rel, says is but a fanciful over-inflation of the truth and in no way damages the reputation of his establishment.
  • People Associated: M'rel, House of Gorkon - Restaurant owner



List of Valdivian Station and USS Trinity Missions

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