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Playable Species


Starfleet Intelligence Report

Starfleet Intelligence is continuing its investigations on all Vroa activities. Updates on all Vroa activities, technologies, and possible threats will be updated as needed to protect the Federation. While Vroa attacks on outlining Federation outposts have occurred Starfleet Intelligence has deemed them a low priority threat to the overall safety of the Federation. Vessels near Vroa space will updated Starfleet Command and Starfleet Intelligence as new Vroa contact take place.

Relation to UFP

Presumed Hostile

Physical Description

Height: 2.24 meters

Weight: 117.93 kg

Head: The Vroa have a large skull with two bone masses on either side where the eye sockets form. Their eyes resemble those of the Cephalopoda family and use two sets of eyelids to protect the eye. The inner eyelid is translucent and used to protect the eye from bright light or during combat where eye protection is needed and vision can be maintained. Hair forms in tufts from the forehead and extends to the base of the lower back along the spine. The Vroa possess no visible signs of external ears. However there are two small holes behind the jaw that serves as an inner ear canal.

Arms and Hands: The arms are well developed proportional to the body mass. Two arms extend from shoulder sockets on either side of the upper body to elbow joints. The forearms are plated with internal bone under their skin and protect most of the forearm from damage. The hands are large containing four fingers and a thumb.

Vascular System: Redundant main arteries protected by tightly woven cartilage bands run from the 6 chamber heart and extend into the brain, arms, legs and chest. Valve control of the redundant arteries is controlled by a nerve center within the brain. Four individual adrenal glands are apparent.

Brain: The four lobe brain is sectioned down the center of the skull then split into two more lobes. These two extra lobes process the vision and hearing independently for the left and right side. There are no signs of empathic abilities thus far.

Skeletal Structure: The bones of the Vroa are 6 times more dense then the human skeletal structure. The Vroa also have 325 bones that make up their skeleton. Organs: A 6 chamber heart and three lungs control most of the blood flow within the Vroa. A two sectioned stomach digests food ingested through the mouth. Waste is separated by the large and small intestines. Liquid waste is processed by two kidneys.

Starfleet Intelligence Reports

Vora Subject Alpha One

Biopsy Report - Alpha One One: Vroa DNA analysis indicates open receptacles to medical manipulation thus giving the Vroa the ability to take on other forms. This suggest that Vroa can easily modify their DNA to infiltrate, observe, and as reported by Deep Space 3 sabotage by means of self-contained explosives.

Vora Tactical Evaluations

Tactical Evaluation - Alpha One: Vroa shield technology uses a bipolarized interwoven subspace intelligent shield system. The Vroa shield generators are coupled with independent sensors that instantaneously modify individual shield generator requirements. Review of Tactical Data from conflicts with Vroa craft show that each shield generator operates at 500 MW and increases to 700MW at time of initial phaser strike.

Tactical Evaluation – Alpha Two: Photon and Quantum torpedo impacts against Vroa shields show greater chance of shield collapse. Use of phasers arrays against Vroa shields show only a 1% to 2% drop in shield systems. Tactical review from prior skirmishes with Vroa scout vessels indicates a full Photon torpedo strike, ten torpedoes, against a single shield section would reduce that shield section by 45%.



Vessel Class Vessel Size Crew Weapon System Shields Warp
Scout Class L:186.4 meter W:122.2 meters B:43.1 meters 350 8 forward 8 aft disruptor banks, 2 forward 2 aft aux weapon bays Unknown Type, Stronger than current Starfleet Tech Estimate: 7 cruise / 9 max
Heavy Cruiser L:686.4 meter W:433.6 meters B:88.4 meters 750 12 forward 12 aft disruptor banks, 4 forward 4 aft aux weapon bays Unknown Type, Stronger than current Starfleet Tech Estimate: 7 cruise / 9 max
Flag Ship L:860.2 meter W:642.8 meters B:103.11 meters 1875 20 forward 16 aft disruptor banks, 8 forward 8 aft aux weapon bays Unknown Type, Stronger than current Starfleet Tech Estimate: 7 cruise / 9 max
Wolf Class L:382.8 meter W:251.0 meters B:68.2 meters 480 22 forward 12 aft disruptor banks, 4 forward 2 aft aux weapon bays Unknown Type, Stronger than current Starfleet Tech Estimate: 8 cruise / 9 max

Cloaking Technologies

Under review by Starfleet Intelligence

Chemical Explosive Weapons

Under review by Starfleet Intelligence

Subspace Energy Torpedo

Under review by Starfleet Intelligence

Gravity Well Induction Torpedo

Under review by Starfleet Intelligence

ACTD Noteworthy

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