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Image:SealOfTheUSNavyTest.gif This article is a
non-canon reference,
based on the
real-world US Navy.

Please note: This has been lifted almost completely from the page. The responsibilities still need to be tuned with respect to the level of technology available in ST:ACTD.

Yeomen perform administrative and clerical work. They receive visitors, type, organize data files and operate office equipment. Yeomen also order and distribute departmental supplies. The duties performed by yeomen include:

  • preparing, typing and routing correspondence and reports
  • organizing and maintaining files
  • receiving office visitors and handling communications
  • operating LCARS terminals and PADDs
  • performing officer personnel administration
  • maintaining records and official publications
  • performing administrative functions for legal proceedings
  • serving as office managers
  • performing other various clerical and administrative duties


Working Environment

Yeomen are usually assigned duties in an office environment. Personnel in this rating may work alone with little supervision, or work closely with others under close supervision depending on the assignment.

Other Requirements

  • Security clearance: SECRET (applied to information or material the unauthorized disclosure of which reasonably could be expected to cause serious damage to the Federation's security.)
  • Must be Federation citizen

Detailed Responsibilities

Enlisted personnel with pay grades from Petty Officer, Third Class through Chief Petty Officer hold the following responsibilities. Rating is relative to pay grade (i.e. a Petty Officer, Third Class holding the Yeoman rating would carry the YN3 responsibilities).

Yeoman, Third Class (YN3)

  • Correspondence
    • Type and process naval correspondence
    • Type and process instructions and notices
    • Type and process naval messages
    • Type award recommendations
  • Files and Publications
    • File and maintain correspondence/suspense files, records, publications and manuals
  • Personnel Support
    • Provide customer service by issuing liberty pass, active duty ID cards, dependent ID cards, etc.
  • Legal
    • Prepare and type report and disposition of offense(s)
  • Officer Service Records
    • Verify officer distribution control report
    • Prepare service record entries and maintain officer service records
  • Pay and allowances
    • Prepare and type documents supporting pay, allowances and bonus or appropriate SDS events
  • Security
    • Type and process classified material
  • Technical Administration
    • Prepare and type diary message reporting system
    • Verify accuracy of leave authorisation
    • Maintain leave control number log
    • Assign leave control number to leave authorisations
  • Travel
    • Type temadd orders
    • Prepare detaching and reporting documents
    • Compute leave, travel and proceed time

Yeoman, Second Class (YN2)

  • Correspondence
    • Draft and process naval correspondence
    • Draft and process instructions and notices
  • Counseling and Interviewing
    • Brief personnel on reporting and transfer procedures
    • Brief personnel on benefits, entitlements, pay and allowances
  • Files and Publication
    • Establish directive files
    • Establish and monitor directive case files
    • Establish and monitor forms control files
  • Legal
    • Prepare, submit and file documents involving fact finding bodies, NJP, court-martial and administrative discharge board proceedings
    • Prepare and submit injury report
  • Officer Service Records
    • Initiate, maintain, verify and close officer service records
    • Certify and endorse officer orders
    • Prepare and process discharge/retirement documents
    • Monitor the officer distribution control report and submission of corrections
    • Type report of fitness on officers
  • Security
    • Prepare, submit and file security access and termination forms
    • Inventory and destroy classified material
    • Type all documentation required for personnel to obtain clearance and monitor clearance completion
  • Technical Administration
    • Prepare personnel casualty report
    • Type message to primary next of kin/secondary next of kin
    • Prepare and type overdue reports/directives tickler
  • Travel
    • Maintain tango log files and construct/determine appropriate accounting data
    • Assist personnel and dependents with passport/visa applications

Yeoman, First Class (YN1)

  • Correspondence
    • Proofread outgoing correspondence
    • Draft messages
    • Draft personal award recommendations
  • Files and Publication
    • Monitor message, correspondence and suspense files
    • Dispose of obsolete files and records
  • Personnel Support
    • Monitor customer service
    • Organise ceremonies (retirement, award, etc.)
    • Issue identification cards and verify applications for identification cards
    • Type interviewer's appraisal sheets
  • Legal
    • Assemble records of fact finding bodies
    • Type letter of reprimand or admonishment
    • Type powers of attorney
    • Set up administrative discharge boards and prepare recommendations for administrative discharge
    • Draft responses to letters of indebtedness
    • Type replies to Congressional inquiries
  • Officer Service Records
    • Verify and sign officer service record entries
    • Verify officer data card
  • Pay and Allowances
    • Verify and sign documents supporting pay, allowances and bonuses
  • Security
    • Brief/debrief personnel on security procedures and policies
    • Monitor security clearances
  • Technical Administration
    • Review and prepare manpower authorization change request
    • Monitor reports control system
    • Prepare officer/social invitations and replies
    • Review command standard organization and regulations manual for changes
  • Travel
    • Verify and sign transfer/receipt documents
    • Monitor temadd program

Chief Yeoman (YNC)

  • Counseling and Interviewing
    • Counsel and brief personnel on retirement entitlements, benefits, etc.
  • Personnel Support
    • Inventory ID cards
  • Technical Administration
    • Make personnel billet assignments
  • Travel
    • Compute temporary additional duty budgets
    • Sign temadd orders


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