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About me

Your friendly helper

Basic Information

Real Name: Eldad Ben-Tovim
Nick Name: Locutus (→)
E-Mail: Click here.
Location: Israel
Member Since: 1996 - Present

For additional ways to contact me please leave a message on my talk page or contact me through the email form posted above. Due to privacy issues I will not be listing additional contact information here.


I've been a member of A Call to Duty since the vTrek days right until vTrek was renamed to the current ACTD name. I've started as a Chief Engineering Officer aboard the USS Yamato. Fallowing the transition I've transferred to the I.K.S. QIb as the Engineering Officer and various other positions until finally transferring to the USS Elara (excluding a few minor transfers).

Active Characters

Current Position Rank Name Ship Profile
SFI Attaché (CIV) Commander Maor USS Seleya ODN
Civilian/Specialist Blank 1010 USS Elara ODN

Inactive Characters

Last Position Rank Name Ship Profile
Executive Officer Lieutenant Shawn Nordeo USS Minotaur ODN
Yeoman (CIV) Crewman, 1st Class Samantha Ivanova USS Seleya ODN
Freighter Captain (CIV) No Rank Ashley Madison Morgan Le Fay Station ODN


This user is an administrator and is available for help.

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